Your fall cleaning schedule should include cleaning your windows. Your windows are one of the most noticeable elements of your building and keeping them clean enhances your building’s curb appeal.

Though we often focus on keeping the inside of windows clean, it is also important to clean the outsides too. Through the year windows face a barrage of dirt and debris from weather, animals, and nature.

How do you ensure your windows are not only cleaned properly? Using the right tools and scheduling your cleaning on a day that makes it easy to complete the job is the first step in cleaning high windows. Here are more helpful tips for washing high windows so they always look sparkling clean.

Tips For Cleaning High Windows

Work on A Cloudy Day

cloudy days are the best days for cleaning tall windows or high windows

High window cleaning starts with picking the right day. Many people are surprised to find out that cloudy days are the best days for cleaning tall windows or high windows. Why? Not only is it more comfortable than being in the hot sun all day, but it also helps you ensure you are getting streak-free results.

Chemicals in cleaners can react to the heat in the sun leaving behind ugly streaks and smudges that can permanently damage your windows.
Make sure to look ahead at the weather forecast and choose a day that is in the low to mid-20s, and that has moderate cloud cover. Do not clean your high windows on a rainy day, as similar to cleaning your car, you may end up with spots and streaks.

Clean the Frame First

Your window frame can gather just as much dust and debris as your windows. They face the same harsh elements as your windows which can leave behind dirt and grime as the year progresses. The first step in making sure you get the best clean possible is to clean the frame first. This will remove any dirt and debris that would spill down onto the window if you did the frame last.

tips for cleaning high windows

Cleaning the frame first gives you a clean slate to work with, without worrying about dirt ruining your nicely cleaned windows.

Open the window and get into all the grooves and crevices to make sure you get all dirt and debris out of the window. Use a cloth or vacuum if necessary. Remember to use a gentle cleanser to avoid damaging the window frame. Never use any harsh or abrasive cleaning products or accessories that may cause scratches. Once you are finished with your windows, give the frame a final wipe down with a cloth to get any water droplets that may have splashed from the windows.

Invest in A Squeegee

A squeegee is the number one tool for window cleaning. It allows you to get a streak-free clean without missing any spots. Many squeegees come with extended handles allowing you to reach the tallest and highest windows on your home.
Other valuable tools to have available when cleaning your windows with a squeegee include:

A squeegee is the number one
  • Extension Polls – This will help you reach higher places with your squeegee.
  • Rubber Gloves – Keep your hands dry and warm as you work.
  • Mild Cleaner – Remember harsh cleaners with ammonia can cause damage to your window frames and windows. Always use the mildest cleaner possible or a natural cleaning product like white vinegar.
  • Towels or Chamois – Lint-free is the best to avoid leaving behind cloth debris.
  • Extra Buckets – This lets you easily switch between dirty and clean water to get the best finish possible.

Remember to always invest in a good ladder for high window cleaning. Always ensure the ladder is stable and does not have any broken rungs. Ladders that allow for attachments for easy storage of your squeegee in between cleaning and wiping are the best and safest to use when cleaning high windows.

Reach the Top with A Mop

Once you have squeegeed your windows, a mop can help remove any excess water and absorb residue. This will prevent streaks and give your windows a more polished look. It is always best to use a ladder when reaching high windows to ensure all areas of the window are properly cleaned.

Are windows too high?

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