There is a large selection of high rise window cleaning options designed to give your building a polished and professional look. But which of these is the best window cleaning method for you? Here are some of the window cleaning options Blackout Projects offer for skyscrapers throughout Toronto and the GTA.

Bosun Chair Window Washing 

Bosun chair window cleaning is probably the most recognizable way to clean skyscraper windows. This method allows the technician to easily glide down the side of the building in a harnessed seat. This provides the technician with a wide range of motion and lets them focus on getting the job done right. The harness allows the technician to reach vertical heights easily and cover a large window surface in a short amount of time.

Swing Stage Window Cleaning 

Swing stage window cleaning is a mobile scaffolding system that allows a duo of window cleaning technicians to work early. A bucket mechanism lets the operator move horizontally to cover entire floors easily and effectively. The rail system helps them move up and down the tower to cover a significant distance in just a few hours. Our fully licensed and certified cleaning technicians utilize their skills and knowledge to maneuver the swing stage and provide your building with an exceptional clean.


BMU Window Cleaning 

Building Maintenance Unit or BMU window cleaning lets technicians maximize the number of windows they clean in a day. Most BMU systems are used in spaces with limited ground space or when a third party is required to assist with the cleaning. This makes them easy and fast to use by allowing the technician to begin work without set up or take down. Our team of technicians understands how important your time is and use this method to not only give your windows the best looking clean but speed up the cleaning process and allow you to showcase your building to the world faster.


Rope Access Window Cleaning 

Rope access window cleaning is similar to Bosun chair window washing. It allows the technician to easily operate the cleaning unit with greater flexibility and movement. It is perfect for reaching difficult spaces due to the greater range of motion, especially on the horizontal axis. Rope access operators must be IRATA and SPRAT-certified. This way you can feel confident knowing you are working with a team who understands the complexities of this type of cleaning and has the training to make sure it is done right.


Aerial Work Platform Window Cleaning 

This is one of the highest-rated window cleaning methods. It allows the technician to address many window cleaning issues including painting and refurbishing windows. Hoists are set up to allow the technician easy access to all areas of the building and the quick ability to ascend and descend. This is one of the safest forms of window cleaning as there are several safety brakes and fall arrest locks to prevent accidents. This is what makes it one of the most popular window cleaning methods among high-rise owners.

High Rise Window Cleaning Services

Blackout Projects can help you keep your building looking modern and clean with a wide range of window cleaning services. We are highly trained in all aspects of high-rise window cleaning and offer our clients unparalleled service. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Contact us today to discuss your window cleaning project and let Blackout improve the look of your building with exceptional high-rise cleaning services.