Restoration Window Cleaning

When a high-rise building is left without proper window maintenance for a long time, regular cleaning just won’t help. Here at Blackout Projects, we offer a special window restoration cleaning service that includes hard water stains, dirt stains, and calcium removal.

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Professional Window Cleaning Series You Can Count On

Typically, cleaning windows of high-rise buildings is needed twice a year for existing buildings. However, windows on newly constructed buildings or newly renovated buildings should be cleaned up to four times during the first year, and then twice a year afterward. This is because the sealant used on new windows can begin to run off the windows and cause permanent stains on the glass. We take pride in providing outstanding restoration window cleaning services that keep your windows looking brand new.

High Quality Cleaning Products

We have the expertise and the specialized equipment to safely access windows on tall buildings. This is a task that requires great skill and adherence to safety measures. At Blackout Projects, all of our cleaners go through extensive training to ensure they have the necessary experience and knowledge on safe techniques when cleaning windows on high-rise buildings.

We use top-of-the-line window washing products that are hard on stains but do not damage the glass of your windows. The products we use do not leave any residue on the window and have a lasting effect.

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Prioritizing Safety

Safety is a top priority for us. With so many safety concerns associated with cleaning windows of high-rise buildings, we ensure that our cleaners are properly harnessed as they work. Not only do we take measures to ensure that our cleaners who work while suspended in the air are safe, but we are also conscious about the activity taking place on the ground.

Our job is to work carefully to make sure we do not cause any injury or damage to people, parked cars, or anything on the premises. To achieve this, every piece of cleaning tool used by our cleaners during window cleaning is fastened securely to the cleaner. By doing this we ensure that any loose equipment that may slip out of the hands of a cleaner does not fall to the ground and cause injury or damage.

Going the Extra Mile

There are a lot of different things to consider when cleaning windows of high-rise buildings. We take into account the design of the building and any obstructions that may exist on the premises like trees, balconies, overhangs, anchors, and roof access.

Our goal is to work quickly to clean your windows as efficiently as possible so we can be out of your way. We take into account the various factors that affect the amount of time needed to clean windows like the weather. To minimize inconvenience, we schedule our cleaning sessions when activity around the high-rise building is minimal.

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Professionals, You Can Trust

All of our window cleaners at Blackout Projects are insured as required by law and have received adequate training in order to do the best job. Because we adhere to rigorous safety measures, we greatly reduce the risk of injury and damage to people and property.

If you need your high-rise building windows cleaned by reputable professional window cleaners, reach out to us to inquire about our reliable and affordable restoration window cleaning services.

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