Post-Construction Window Cleaning

During construction, windows get smeared with paint, silicone and other construction materials. Cleaning windows post construction does require specialized tools and a greater level of expertise then regular window cleaning.

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Due to the delicate nature of glass, caution needs to be exercised and it’s important that technicians pay close attention to detail to ensure that there is no damage caused to your windows during post construction window cleaning.

At Blackout Projects, our technicians are extra careful when cleaning windows after construction to prevent scratching.

Specialized Equipment For Best Results

We use the following specialized equipment to ensure the best results:

  • Professional Glass Scrapers
  • Stainless Steel Scraper Blades
  • High-Grade Steel Wool
  • Goof Off
  • Scratch-Free Scrubber Pads
  • Acid

These tools help us prevent the glass from being scratched as we work diligently to clean any paint or material left on windows during construction.

Blackout Projects technicians cleaning post construction high-rise windows
High-rise window cleaning technician GTA

Products Used for Post Construction Cleaning

We use quality detergents and surfactants that provide adequate lubrication for the scraper blades, allowing the blades to glide smoothly across the glass surface. In addition, lubricating detergents form a layer of protection between the metal scraper blade and the glass surface.

The detergents we use are safe for glass and remove dust and dirt from the glass with ease.

Removing Dried Concrete And Stucco

To remove dried concrete and stucco from glass, we typically use hydrochloric acid, which has proven to be very effective yet gentle on glass. Concrete can be very difficult to remove from glass because of its chemical composition, but acid can break these bonds and make it easy to remove concrete from the glass.

We take special care because acid can run off the window and cause discoloration of any stucco wall or concrete sidewalk it lands on.

Concrete can also be removed manually using a scraper, however, this can cause permanent scratches. This is why we only use scrapers on glass after all abrasive particles have been rinsed off the glass.

Blackout Projects professionals cleaning high-rise windows
Two Blackout Projects professionals removing manufacturer stickers before cleaning windows

Removing Stickers From Windows

Many windows come with stickers that have been placed by the manufacturer. To remove these, we soak the stickers with water and detergent until they become soft. Then we use scraper blades to gently scrape off the stickers from the glass.

Removing Post Construction Silicone And Vinyl Film Residue

Manufacturers use silicone to seal windows into their frames. But this can sometimes cause the silicone to smear onto the glass. Silicone can be one of the toughest substances to remove from glass. However, during post construction cleaning we can get rid of silicone by using fresh scraper blades to remove the large blobs of silicone from the surface of the glass. Then, we use steel wool to scrub the surface of the window in a circular motion.

High-rise window cleaning Toronto
Professional high-rise window cleaners in Toronto

Removing Dried Paint From Windows After Construction

This can be done using a scraper blade but it is important to first check the blade to make sure that the blade doesn’t have any dents or nicks in it that could damage glass.

Trust our team of professional high-rise window cleaners in Toronto and surrounding areas to get your windows looking their best after construction.

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