Highrise Window Cleaning Oakville

Are you looking for reliable highrise window cleaning in Oakville? There’s a growing demand in one of Canada’s fastest-growing cities because more and more highrise buildings are being developed every year! Blackout Projects, the region’s premier highrise window cleaning service, is here to meet the growing demand for highrise window cleaners in the GTA. Our highrise window cleaning experts are the masters of project management, offering high-quality service at competitive prices in Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto and beyond.

Skyscraper Window Cleaning Oakville

Just because you have a bucket of water and a squeegee, it doesn’t mean you can start skyscraper window cleaning. It takes a lot of skill and specialized equipment to get the job done correctly and safely. Our team offers the best highrise window cleaning services with a top-notch safety record. So how often do skyscraper windows need to be cleaned? We recommend at least twice a year to get the best results, but it all depends on several factors including weather and the building’s location.


Post-Construction Window Cleaning Oakville

Construction is a messy business and can quickly gunk up your brand new windows with paint, dust and other debris. This kind of window cleaning requires another level of experience along with specially-designed tools to get the job done right. That list of tools includes high-quality steel wool, scraper blades made from stainless steel and professional-grade glass scrapers. One of the biggest issues during construction is dealing with concrete or stucco that’s dried onto windows. For this, our crews use a special acid wash. This is part of the reason why you need professionals to do post-construction window cleaning. It can be very dangerous or damaging to the building’s facade if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Restoration Window Cleaning Oakville

Sometimes highrise building windows are neglected for years and by the time the owner decides to invest in cleaning, it’s going to take more than regular washing to restore those windows to their former glory. Conveniently, Blackout Projects offers a special window restoration cleaning service. Our crews are always considering the small details when it comes to cleaning highrise windows such as roof access, overhangs, balconies and surrounding greenery.


Safety First

From an outsider’s perspective, highrise window cleaning seems like a dangerous job. But if you have competent staff with the proper training, there is never a need to worry. And not only do we protect our crews, but we make sure your tenants and everyone on the ground are safe too. Every piece of equipment or tool we use is properly secured to avoid damage and injury. 

Meeting Your Sky-High Expectations

With every client our goal is simple, to clean your windows well, do it safely, do it quickly and with minimal inconvenience to the tenants. We will work with you to schedule the cleaning around non-peak times of business. We look at the weather and seasonal patterns to determine when is the best time of year to clean your windows so you get the best value for your dollar. Call Blackout Projects today for a free consultation.