High Rise Window Cleaning Vaughan

Whether you work or live in a high rise building, there’s no denying that the view on its own is spectacular, overseeing the Vaughan city landscape. As the seasons change, you may start to notice the windows getting covered with smudges, dirt and other elements that the wind carries. Fortunately, Blackout Projects offers professional high rise window cleaning throughout Vaughan.


Sky Scraper Window Cleaning Vaughan

As Vaughan continues to develop and grow into a metropolis, cleaning the windows of high rise buildings requires great skill due to the enormous amount of safety that needs to be taken into account. We are proud to offer specialized services in sky scraper window cleaning in Vaughan.

We at Blackout Projects know that you want your sky scraper window cleaning done right. That’s why we always go above and beyond, ensuring nothing less than excellence will do for our valued customers! We clean without leaving behind smudges or streaks so not even a speck remains. For best results, we recommend that sky scraper window cleaning should be done twice a year, according to industry standards.

Restoration Window Cleaning Vaughan

We know that high rise buildings can become drafty and poorly maintained without proper care, which is why we offer an exclusive restoration window cleaning service at Blackout Projects to restore your windows. Our team will remove calcium buildup, hard water stains and dirt stains as well restore the windows back into their original state!


Post Construction Window Cleaning Vaughan

When you’re building something new, it’s important to be mindful of the materials that are being used. But what about after construction? Windows can get smeared with paint or silicone during this process along with other construction materials that are difficult to remove. The post construction window cleaning process is more difficult and time consuming than regular ones. It requires specialized tools, but also professional window cleaning services to make sure all of the construction residues is cleaned away.

Our technicians come equipped with specialized equipment:
-Stainless steel scraper blades
-High grade steel wool
-Scratch-free scrubbing pads

Keeping your windows clean is easy with the help of these few tools. At Blackout Projects we use quality detergents and surfactants that will not only lubricate scraper blades but also create a barrier between metal on glass, protecting both from scratches during the window cleaning while removing all dust particles in no time!

How often should you have post construction window cleaning done?

The glass in new builds and renovated projects should be cleaned up to four times during the first year, then twice more after that. This is because sealant can run which could potentially stain your windows permanently as it settles over time.


Going the Extra Mile in Vaughan

There are many different things to consider when cleaning windows of high rise buildings. We’ll work around the design of the building and any obstructions that may be on the premises such as balconies, overhangs, trees and roof access.
We know that your time is valuable, which why our team strives to clean windows as quickly and efficiently as possible. We take into account various factors such as weather conditions to minimize the amount of time needed to clean your high rise windows. We put our Vaughan clients first, so we’ll schedule our cleaning sessions when there is minimal activity around the high rise building.

Professional High Rise Window Cleaners in Vaughan

Our team is fully trained and insured to do the best job in protecting you against any possible risk. We take safety very seriously, which is why we follow rigorous procedures that reduce risks of injury or damage while cleaning your windows in Vaughan.


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Window cleaning is an important service that should be given the proper attention. Our company offers reliable and affordable high rise building window restoration services and sky scraper window cleaning for your buildings in Vaughan, so contact us today for a free quote.