High Rise Window Cleaning Services in Burlington

Looking out of filthy windows is not pleasant. Cleaning those hard-to-reach areas is not a simple task especially if those dirty windows are located on a high-rise building. You need a professional team who can get up many flights and clean your windows quickly and efficiently. Blackout Projects have trained and experienced technicians to get your windows back to where they should be. 

Clean windows make a big difference in your work life and life at home. It will not only provide you with a more pleasant view, but they allow in more natural light and can actually help with temperature control. Keeping your high-rise windows clean will help preserve the longevity of your windows. Some debris can cling to your windows causing stains, chips, and cracking. Ideally, you should try to have your high rise window cleaning done twice a year. Spring and fall are often the popular times, but it can depend on how much weather and exposure they get.

Post Construction Window Cleaning Service in Burlington

A new building with brand-new windows can still look awful if the windows are filthy. Many of the common problems we deal with include splashed concrete, caulking, fingerprints, paint, and grease.  Brand-new windows need a professional cleaning service to make sure they are not damaged while being cleaned. If someone tries to chip off the mess that has been set, they can chip, crack, or break the windows. 

For a new high-rise building in Burlington, there is no way to clean the new windows without scaling the building. That’s why you need the trained professionals at Blackout Projects to get the job done. We have the knowledge as well as the tools and equipment to get in and complete the job quickly and at a competitive price. The professionals who install them don’t have the tools or the time to get them cleaned.

Restoration Window Service in Burlington 

Windows that have sat without any type of maintenance for long periods of time can be almost impossible to get clean. Blackout Projects’ unique restoration window cleaning service can ensure that they look brand new once again.

If left too long, there can be a buildup of calcium, dirt, salt, and debris that sticks to windows and can actually leave stains. Regular cleaning won’t take that off. 

Blackout Projects uses the latest technology and tools that allow us to bring your windows back to life. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the final results.

Blackout Projects

Call us first for all your high-rise window cleaning needs. Whether you need regular seasonal cleaning or you need post-construction window cleaning services, we have what you need. 

We offer reliable and affordable commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning in Burlington. Call us today to get a quote or discuss a tailored package just for you. 

We service several areas near Burlington and across the GTA including Etobicoke, Mississauga, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough, Oakville, Brampton, Woodbridge, Markham, and Richmond Hill.