High Rise Window Cleaning Scarborough

There’s nothing like looking out the window of your high-rise office and appreciating the view, which makes it imperative to have windows that are free from dirt and smudges. Blackout Flair offers its professional high-rise cleaning service for customers in Scarborough and across the GTA – so call us today for sparkling clean windows!

Skyscraper Window Cleaning Scarborough

High rise window cleaning is no easy feat. It is imperative that safety is at the forefront and that is exactly how we operate at Blackout Flair. We are happy to offer expert exterior high-rise window cleaning in Scarborough and the surrounding area. Industry standards dictate that skyscraper windows should be cleaned twice a year – so let us help you better enjoy the views from your office window. Our professional technicians perform each and every job as safely as possible and come with years of experience. They are insured, certified, and properly trained to provide you with crystal clean windows each and every time.

Post Construction Window Cleaning Scarborough

It is necessary to be extra careful when it comes to cleaning windows following a construction project in order to prevent scratches.

Our technicians come equipped with specialized equipment:

-Stainless steel scraper blades

-High grade steel wool

-Scratch-free scrubbing pads


These are just a few of the necessary tools required to prevent windows from being scratched while cleaning paint or other material left behind following the completion of a project. At Blackout Flair we also bring quality detergents and surfactants to lubricate the scraper blades, which allows them to glide easily across the glass while ensuring not to scratch. Additionally, these detergents create a barrier of protection between the metal blades and glass and work to remove dust and dirt in no time.

A rule of thumb to keep in mind is that although skyscraper windows should be cleaned twice each year, it’s recommended that new builds or renovated projects get cleaned up to four times during the first year, and twice the year after. This is because the sealant can run and potentially stain the glass as it settles permanently.

Restoration Window Cleaning Scarborough

When a skyscraper’s windows are neglected over time it gets to a point where basic cleaning won’t do the trick. Fortunately, Blackout Flair has the answer as we offer a specialized window restoration treatment which will help tackle hard water stains, dirt, and calcium build up.


Chairwork – this is the most common way to clean high rise windows that have access to tight areas.

Rope access – this solution offers the most flexibility when it comes to movement when dealing with obstacles like trees, signage, or unique architectural structures.

Suite access – sometimes property management will grant suite access to clean high-rise windows. With suite access, you can count on sparkling clean windows on both the inside and out.

Blackout Flair has become a trusted high-rise window cleaning company across the GTA thanks to our unparalleled service and professionalism – so call us today for all your high-rise and skyscraper window cleaning needs!