High Rise Window Cleaning Mississauga

High rise buildings offer some of the most breathtaking views. But to enjoy the beautiful landscape below, you need to have clean windows that give you a clear view. Blackout Projects provides impeccable high rise window cleaning in Mississauga. We are the team that ensures your windows are squeaky clean and remain so for a long time.

High rise window cleaning is our specialty. We have the equipment and the expertise you simply cannot find elsewhere. Each member of our team has been hand-picked and undergone extensive training on superior products and techniques used to clean windows thoroughly and safely. In addition, our team participates in regular training to keep up with emerging technology and techniques in the industry. There’s a reason why we are the top choice for high rise window cleaning in Mississauga!


What makes us stand out

What makes us one of the top high rise window cleaning companies in Mississauga is our attention to detail and our ability to get the job done right every single time. We use top-notch quality products that clean your windows and provide a layer of protection that keeps your windows spotless for many months.

Our equipment includes: 

  • professional glass scraper
  • fresh stainless steel scraper blades
  • high-quality window soap
  • crystal clear (acid cleaner)
  • professional squeegee and brushes
  • buckets with dirt and grit catcher

We are dedicated to giving our customers the cleanest windows in town. And since high rise window cleaning is our specialty, we have perfected our craft and know how to yield the best results.

Skyscraper Window Cleaning Mississauga

Windows of skyscraper buildings usually need to be cleaned every six months. It takes highly skilled professionals to clean high rise windows because there are an incredible amount of safety measures that need to be adhered to. At Blackout Projects, we put safety first. Our cleaners are harnessed properly as they conduct cleanings to make sure that they are safe and that none of their tools fall to the ground causing potential harm to property or people on the ground.

We offer our clients a flexible cleaning schedule to cause minimal disruption to you and your staff. Our standard of excellence is unmatched. That’s why we continue to be a leader in high rise window cleaning in Mississauga.


Post Construction Window Cleaning Mississauga

Anytime construction work is done, there’s a lot of dust and debris to clean up. Sometimes paint or other construction material gets smeared on the window, requiring special attention to remove. This requires specialized tools and a high level of expertise. Our cleaning products get the dirt and tough stains out but are gentle on your windows. Trust our team to get your windows clean again after construction.

Restoration Window Cleaning Mississauga

High rise buildings that have been neglected for a lengthy period of time need special attention that supersedes regular cleaning. Our team at Blackout Projects is more than capable of restoring windows back to their former glory. Our robust window restoration cleaning service will remove hard water stains, dirt stains and calcium buildup, leaving your windows looking brand new.


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When it comes to professional window cleaning services you can rely on, Blackout Projects is your top choice. Our team is up for the task and can get your windows back in tiptop shape. Trust our team to get your windows back to pristine condition so you can enjoy your excellent view. Reach out to us today to learn more about our high rise window cleaning service!