When it comes to choosing a company to complete a high-rise window cleaning, there is quite a bit of work to do before hiring a company. It’s clear that no one wants to hire a company that does a subpar job with questionable quality. A good window washing not only helps your skyscraper or high-rise look more attractive, but it also can help your residents feel more comfortable as they will have a clean and clear view.

Finding the best high-rise window cleaning in Toronto is not a simple feat. But that’s why we’ve compiled the top 7 qualities you should look for in a high-rise window cleaning company.

Insurance, WSIB and Permit

high rise window cleaning with insurance

Window washing a high-rise building comes with risks, workplace accidents happen. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself and your company is by always ensuring the company you hire has insurance. Needless to say, insurance will help protect you against lawsuits that can be very expensive. Insurance not only covers you as a customer but also covers the workers. Any reputable company will have insurance to help protect their employees as well as their customers.

In addition to insurance, high rise window cleaners are also required to have a special classification of Workers Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) called high rise classification, which is specific to window washing insurance. This classification will help in cases of serious injuries or even death that may occur from a workplace accident.

Training Certifications

Window cleaning on high-rises can be dangerous work. It takes extensive training, knowledge, and experience in order to effectively and efficiently clean high-rises windows properly while remaining safe. One of the ways high-rise window cleaners can mitigate this risk is by putting their employees through training programs that provide certificates.

blackout projects training certifications

Putting their employees through training helps ensure that safety protocols are followed, understood, and known. If a company does not provide or enforce that their employees have certain training certificates, it can leave you liable to lawsuits if someone is injured on your property.

Some training certificates can include the following:

  • Worker Health & Safety Awareness
  • GHS within WHMIS
  • Working at Heights
  • Suspended Access Equipment Operator
  • Aerial Lift Operator
  • First Aid
  • Supervisor Awareness
  • Boatswain Chair
  • Rope Access Technician
  • Rescue Technician
  • Joint Health and Safety Representative


cleaning high rise window with years of experience

Since this window washing requires a high level of skills, experience is absolutely crucial. This may seem like a given trait but you should not let it be overlooked. By asking about their experience it can give you good insights into the systems they have in place to do quality work (in terms of safety protocols, equipment, training). It’s also a good idea to ask about their safety protocols, what is generally included in their services, and if they have any portfolio references.


cleaning company flexible and adaptable

One of the most telling signs of a good window cleaning company is how they adapt to meet their customer’s needs. A good high-rise cleaning company will be flexible with their availability to fit your schedule. If a company is restrictive about how often and when they can clean your windows, it may be better to take your business elsewhere.


good window washing company with workmanship

When searching for a good window washing company, workmanship is imperative. No one wants to waste their time and money on a company that does a sub-par job. That’s why it’s important to do your research before trusting a company to render services. By taking the time to look into a company, you can get an impression of its quality.

A couple of good ways to research can include:

Reading reviews

Take a look at their online reviews. Is there a trend of bad service or poor quality? Be cautious of negative reviews and use your own discretion.

Ask for recommendations

It never hurts to ask individuals you trust if they know any good high-rise cleaners. Referrals are a good way to get a full recount of their experience with a company. Chances are if someone you trust recommends them, they may be worth looking into further.

Look for testimonials

Look to see if this company has any testimonials you see. Testimonials are a big indicator of their quality, customer service, and reputation.

Get a Quote

Hopefully, by this point you were able to compile a shortlist of candidates, the next step is to get a quote from each candidate This gives you another indicator to see how thorough and professional their services will be. Any reputable company should be able to assess your work request and provide you with an estimate back for services. If they refuse or aren’t willing to go through the steps of providing a quote, chances are you are better off taking your business elsewhere.

A quick call or email will show you an estimated price range but more often quotes are only confirmed after the window washing company comes to your site for an evaluation

It is worth noting that you should encourage the company to come out to the proposed work site in order to confirm your quote. This gives you the opportunity to meet the company’s representative and discuss the job in full detail in person. At this point, the representative should be able to provide and confirm a quote with you. Although verbal quotes are fine, it is best to always get the quote written down (in email or on paper.).

Avoid Cheap Cleaning Company

cheap cleaning company without quality of work

Another factor to consider in tandem with the quote is all the services included. Cheap window cleaners generally cut costs by excluding services that affect the quality of the work. Whether they cut costs through overall cleaning, the quality of equipment, or cleaning solutions, if you choose a cheap company you run the risk of having spotty work and an unsatisfactory job done

Some ways cleaners may cut costs include:

  • Skipping difficult windows
  • Reusing dirty water
  • Not taking extra time to clean window frames and sills
  • Not detailing or scrubbing
  • Using poor quality and ineffective equipment, materials or solutions


So there you have it, 7 telltale signs of a good high-rise cleaning company. Whether you ask a trusted friend for a referral or you rather sort through some reviews, finding a good window cleaner is not simple work.

If you are looking for trusted, experienced and professional high-rise window cleaners, look no further than Blackout Projects. Each individual on our team goes through a detailed screening previous to joining our team and then undergoes comprehensive training. We take immense pride in the quality of services we provide, whether you are looking for post-construction cleaning or standard cleaning, we always ensure a top-notch job.

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