Window cleaning or window washing is paramount to maintain your commercial building or high rise condo’s curb appeal and cleanliness. But many individuals wonder when the best time is for commercial window cleaning or condo window cleaning. There are several factors that determine when the best time to clean your building’s windows is.  

In order to get the best results, we have made this handy guide to know when the best time to clean your windows is.

Window Cleaning in the Spring

Undoubtedly, the busiest time for window cleaning and high rise window cleaners is during the spring.  Since most people don’t clean their windows during the winter season, the windows usually have built up layers of dirt, grime, dust and dirt. Other weather changes like rain can also make the window condition worse. 

Depending on your home or business, there can be different levels of window cleaning. The reason that spring is the preferred season is because if you attempt to clean your windows in cold weather or during a heavy rainfall spell, fresh grime and dirt will appear back on the windows in a short period of time.

Some of the other reasons that make spring the best season to clean your commercial building or high rise’s window are:

  • Cleans off the grime from winter storms and debris of fall
  • No direct sunlight and heat like in summer
  • Optimal temperature and weather conditions

Window Cleaning in Other Seasons


If spring isn’t an ideal time to have your buildings windows cleaned, another ideal season is in summer.  The summertime can be a good alternative to the spring since high rise window cleaners tend to slow down after the springtime rush. Another reason summer is a good alternative is because there is also a less likelihood of rain in comparison to the spring. Although it is worth noting that cleaning in direct sunlight can be a little bit of a challenge, to professional window washers this is still a very accomplishable task.

The fall is also another alternative season to clean your building’s windows. Since there is a less likelihood of rain this can make fall another alternative, but the changing season could affect how long your windows stay clean. 

It’s recommended to avoid any building window cleaning in winter, the cold weather and winter storms are not ideal conditions to clean your windows.

The Best High Rise Window Washers in Toronto

Well now you know the best time to clean your buildings windows the next step is to make sure you hire professional window cleaners. Here at Blackout Projects we are the preferred high rise window cleaners in the Toronto and GTA area. Our professional window washers make a difficult job look effortless and easy. Not only do our qualified and skilled staff ensure a high-quality job, they also have extensive experience working with commercial and high rise building, so you can be assured that your building is in the best hands possible.

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