Commercial window cleaning is a great way to maintain a crystal clear view from your office window. These areas are prone to a lot of dust and dirt, which makes it even more important to keep clean in order to provide a healthy and safe work environment. It’s no secret that a clean and vibrant workspace promotes employee health, productivity, and overall organizational success. High rise window cleaning needs to be done properly for both safety reasons and effectiveness – and when you hire Blackout Flair to handle your window cleaning needs, you can expect thorough cleaning of both the inside and outside of the window, along with a complete clean of the outer facade of the building and the removal of any sticky substances and streaks.

Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning


There are plenty of benefits to hiring a commercial window cleaning company like Blackout Projects. This company has the right gear to get the job done safely and properly – this includes everything from water poles, lifts, and harnesses to effectively clean any window, regardless the height. Commercial window cleaning companies also have certified and knowledgeable technicians to complete the work.

Commercial Window Cleaning Longevity


Commercial cleaning will help prolong the life of the windows and surrounding building because these areas are consistently getting serviced. There is dirt in the air that builds up on windows over time, which can make the glass fragile and the window can even lose the ability to be transparent. Clean windows also help to prevent window frames from weathering. A clean window will also allow more heat and light to enter the building, which can help cut down on energy costs.

How Often You Should Clean Your Commercial Windows


There are a couple of factors that will determine the service schedule for your commercial window cleaning. For example, the type of property and its location are two big determinations. A commercial building is recommended to have its windows cleaned twice a year, as office buildings don’t need cleaning as often as others. That being said, windows inside a building lobby should be cleaned every couple of months. Whereas a retail location should be cleaned every few weeks as it sees a high volume of traffic. Other factors that might play into how often you get your windows cleaned include proximity to busy streets or highways, as these buildings get dirty much quicker and will require more frequent cleaning. Springtime pollen from flowers can also cause a service call; and areas with significant rain will too, thanks to the mineral deposits left behind.

There you have it – the benefits of hiring high rise window cleaners are plenty and significant. When it comes to getting your windows cleaned you can count on the good people at Blackout Flair. They have a team of certified technicians that you can count on to safely and effectively clean your windows each and every time – so visit them online or call them today!