When it comes to making your commercial building or commercial property stand out, there is no question that clean windows are a must have. By having clean windows, you increase your property’s curb appeal and cleanliness. But if you have missed a couple (or a few) commercial window cleanings, you may be overdue for cleaning. 

In some cases, your windows may not be able to get back their shiny, clean appearance with just a routine window washing. If you miss more than 2 window washings, your windows most likely will need a glass restoration.  If the term glass restoration sounds unfamiliar, don’t worry! In this article, we’ll fully break it down for you. 

What is glass restoration/?

Glass restoration is a form of window repair which repairs damaged glass through restoration techniques. Standardly speaking, glass restoration is cheaper than having to do a full window replacement. Glass restoration can effectively repair a wide range of glass damage, this work can be done both affordably and faster than the time it would take to replace a window. 

Some of the damage glass restoration can address includes: 

  • Scratches
  • Etched damage
  • Oxidation, and more

The process of glass restoration can include buffing, sanding and other techniques to help restore your commercial windows back to a new-like state. It’s recommended to keep up with regular commercial window washing to help prevent expensive commercial window repairs and strains on your property. 

Common causes of glass damage

Some of the most common culprits of glass damage are hard water, graffiti damage as well as corrosion. But other causes can also come from mineral and cleaning detergents that can build up on the surface of your windows. If you recently had construction work done (like caulking jobs), or has work done previously by inadequate window cleaners can also cause damage to your windows. 

If your windows have corrosion damage, it is best to have this addressed and repaired by professional commercial window repair experts like the ones here at Blackout Projects. Corrosion occurs when the pH becomes too high, this can be caused by mineral deposits (cushc as lime, calcium, lead and salts) are not thoroughly rinsed off and then react with the  chemical make-up of the windows which then leads to corrosion. 

There are two main categories of glass damage: etching and scratches. They are often caused by oxidation stains, physical scratches or acid-etched graffiti.

Oxidation stains occur when elements like weather (smog, pollution, acidic rain, UV rays) and other factors like glazing breakdown or metal oxidation all work to deteriorate glass surfaces. Scratched glass can happen by accident or by vandalism. When your glass is scratched it can degrade the aesthetic of your business. Finally, acid-etched graffiti can occur when vandals use certain tools like acid to etch and damage glass surfaces.

The glass restoration professionals at Blackout Projects can help assess and repair your windows effectively and quickly. Our experts have years of experience with glass restoration and are more than capable of returning your glass to a shiny and attractive state. We take pride in our glass window repair technicians quality and training, which means you can rest assured that your commercial windows are in the best hands in all of Toronto. 

Don’t wait for your windows to be in a state of replacement, contact us today about our glass restoration services and or commercial window washing too!