Are you tired of seeing streaks and stains after you’ve just cleaned your windows? Dust and filth build up on your glass doors and windows, both inside and out over some time. The only thing that could be worse? Poor cleaning methods that leave steaks behind that can greatly hinder the view in high rise buildings. In this article, we’ll go over the 6 most common mistakes to avoid and how you can achieve perfect cleaning results.

Choosing a Sunny Day to Clean Your Windows

You might ask, ‘how to clean windows on a sunny day?’ The answer is simple – you don’t! People have a misconception that cleaning windows and doors should be done on a hot sunny day to dry up the liquids from the products used, but this is a common mistake. Washing windows on a very sunny day can actually dry up the cleaning solutions before you may even have a chance to clean it off. This leaves behind hard-to-remove residue and streaks. Begin on the shaded side of the windows, or on cool early mornings if the weather isn’t cooperating with you on the day you need to clean the windows. Also, we suggest working in smaller portions as this will reduce the chances of streaks.

Spraying Cleaner on Top of Dirt and Dust.

The best way to clean windows is by first removing the debris off the window panels with a brush or rag before starting the process. When dirt is combined with liquids, it can end up turning into a muddy mixture. If your window screen is extremely filthy, remove it and scrub it with warm, soapy water and a gentle brush, then wash and dry it before installing it back on.

Not Using Enough Window Cleaner

It is a common misconception that a little bit of product can go a long way but this is not the case when cleaning windows. We know windows can have a lot of dirt from hard water stains, stickers or silicone film residue as well as dried paint. Using the appropriate amount of cleaning product to remove these stains is crucial to get those windows shiny and dirt free. Once the cleaning solution is applied, remember to wash it off immediately so it doesn’t run the chance of leaving steaks.

Using an Old Cotton Rag to Dry Your Windows

Within the commercial window cleaning industry, it is known to avoid using an old cotton rag to dry your windows. Some people prefer to dry the windows with a regular cloth, although reusable microfiber cloths are the superior choice. They are very absorbent, easy to wash and reuse, and won’t leave your windows full of lint. Another thing you should avoid is using paper towels to clean your windows. You will only end up leaving behind fibers all over the glass.

Not Knowing How to Use a Squeegee

Squeegees are the number one tools to be used on the job but you must know how to use them properly. It is a crucial step to be done before using a microfibre cloth in order for the squeegee to remove all excess liquids on the window.

For the best results, you need to learn how to clean windows with these 2 common techniques:

The “Straight” Job:

– Spray cleaner on the window

– Run the squeegee straight along the window

– Dry and repeat

The “S” Technique:

– Start at an angle and wipe the top middle clean

– Drag the squeegee over to the top left corner and down to bottom left then turn the tool to reverse the angle on the way down. Do the same back up and over to the top right

– From the top right, drag the squeegee down to the bottom right corner. You should have a shape of a “mountain” in the middle of the window

– Finally, drag the squeegee at an angle back and forth across the cleaning product that’s left until you have one squeegee swipe left at the bottom.

– At the last swipe, use the squeegee to get all of the water off and wipe with a lint-free towel

Cleaning All Your Windows in One Day

Cleaning your windows can take an unexpected amount of energy, but it’s much easier if you break it down and do it section by section. How to clean outside windows starts with first wiping the interior side of the window horizontally and the exterior side vertically (or vice versa) when cleaning. If streaks do appear, you will easily be able to tell if they are from the outside or inside side of the windows.

Our crew of window washers will have no trouble washing your windows and delivering reliable results of leaving your windows squeaky clean.  If you need window cleaning done for your high rise building and the risk is too high, contact the professionals at Blackout Projects. Our team members are professionally trained with all the safety procedures and valid training certificates to provide the best high rise window cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA.