There are many moving parts that go into running a successful business. Many business owners find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities and it can become very overwhelming. Certain times of the year require extra responsibilities. For example, during autumn you need to contend with plenty of dead leaves to gather and discard, and the winter months call for efficient snow and ice removal.

Since these tasks are often higher on the priority list, having your windows professionally cleaned often falls through the cracks. However, overlooking this can actually harm your business. Clean windows make a statement about your business as a whole. That’s why keeping on top of your professional window cleaning schedule is paramount. We’ve listed five reasons why regular commercial window washing is good for your business.


Increase Street Appeal

Regardless of whether your business has lots of foot traffic or you only get visiting clients every now and then, it’s important that you keep up the appearance of your business and have a clean exterior and interior. First impressions are lasting. Even if pedestrians walking outside your business don’t come in, clean windows give your business street appeal.

Then there are people who may be drawn to your business because they can clearly see your merchandise through your clean windows. This is especially important if you are a retail store.

Improves Employee Moods

Research shows that employees are happier when they have access to natural light in their workplace environment. Clean windows allow natural light to shine in unobstructed and helps improve the mood of employees, particularly during cold and dreary winters.

Natural light can also improve your sleep cycle, which, in turn, boosts your immune system and contributes to your overall health.

Convey Professionalism

Good business etiquette includes professionalism and cleanliness. Dirty windows can send a message to your clients that you don’t care about your business and may make them think twice about using your services. Keeping a regular window cleaning service is a great way to send the right message to prospective clients or customers.

Having clean premises means that you put a lot of pride and care into your business and its premises, which builds trust with consumers. If you care about your business, you’ll likely care about providing excellent service.

Let in More Natural Light

Research has shown that a room with more natural light positively impacts a person’s mood.

This means that if you have an office with clean windows that allows in more natural light, your employees will not only be happier but they’ll be more productive as well.

Helps Prolong the Life of the Windows

Window cleaning is part of window maintenance. Windows that are cleaned regularly have a longer lifespan than windows that are neglected. This is because regular window cleaning removes dirt, debris, salt, and other particles that can impact the quality of your windows.

If these particles are not removed, they can become etched in the glass and cause cracks in your windows.

Window Washing for High Rise Buildings 

Do you high rise building window cleaning services? Getting professional commercial window cleaning is vital to your business. Blackout Projects is happy to help you keep your windows sparking clean all year round!